Things you should know before learning React? React Learning Workflow.

I’m going to share how I learn react and mastered it in this article, what you should know if you’d like to learn React.JS.

Keep reading it because I want to give you a ton of tips and tricks that’s gonna make a huge difference in your learning journey.

let’s jump right into it!

React.js Basics requirements

1.Get Really Good at JavaScript

The first thing you need to know before learning React is JavaScript. In your mind there would be a Question “JavaScript ,I know man. But How much?”.
Listen Firstly React was made to make front-end development easy, productive and efficient because there are so many other operation which also going to take computation power to make it quick react was established by Facebook. If you don’t know how reacts work at background check this post it will help you:


Indeed, React is “just” a JavaScript library. So the more you know about JavaScript, the better you’ll get at writing applications with React.

It is really important that you master and become comfortable with JavaScript fundamentals. You’ll became much more productive with React.

A common mistake many people tend to make is to start learning React before having a solid JavaScript programming foundation. So please don’t make this mistake yourself.

First, get really good at JavaScript. Otherwise, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by everything you’ll have to learn alongside React and you’ll probably quit before you even realize how awesome it is to work with React.

So, build that solid foundation if you want to really focus on getting the most out of React.

2. Focus on Only React

The second thing is focusing on learning only React.JS. After learning JavaScript you can distinguish between what is react and JavaScript.

So now you need to start by understanding the three main design principles (1.Declarative Programming,2.Composition of Components,3.Unidirectional Data Flow) that make React unique from the very beginning.

That’s gonna make a huge difference in your learning curve.

Besides that, you don’t need any extra 3rd party library or tool to start with React. The React API is pretty small and surprisingly simple so first learn it than move to other API.

Actually, there are only two methods necessary to build a React applications. 1.For creating React elements, 2. For rendering those elements.

The most simple app you can make only consists of the hello.html file with the React dependencies. That’s all you need!

I would suggest you try to learn react from Documentation ,not only react but try to learn any other technology from there original documentation it will help you a lot.(I can’t justify it now it is also a whole topic .But definitely Iwill create a blog on “learning ways” in near future.)
Here you can find any documentation:- Documentation.
YouTube link.

3. Get Your Hands Dirty

Finally, there is no better way to learn something new, especially when it comes to learning a new programming language or a new library than building things.

I really believe that it is the only way to grasp a concept and make the most out of your time.

You can watch hours of video content on YouTube, watch people coding on Udemy. Still, if you don’t practice early on, on your own, you won’t learn anything from it.

So, build (a lot of) things and start as early as possible in your learning journey.

This is also valid with learning React.JS. Just put in the work, and you will get better over time. I promise!

If you can’t do it on your own way than search about react project in GitHub, you find lots of react project on it. But don’t just copy paste first try to make on your own and when you stuck see how he/she has done it.

You’ll learn so much more this way.

And you can start with something simple and go from there to build more complex applications.

For Example ,create a to-do list, create a bookstore ,then move to music app , e-commerce website , chat-application etc.

4. Conclusion

So By now, you should have an idea about what you should learn and focus on from the very beginning to get started with React.JS.

The most important things to remember:

Get really good at JavaScript and modern JS to excel at building React applications.
If you just want to practice JavaScript find this links:-
javascript30 vanilla

Focus on only React so you don’t get lost with too much to learn at once .Finally, Build things from the very beginning to practice your newly acquired skills.

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